New Music Playlist 2013 | School Dance Playlist | Prom Music | Sweet 16
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New Music Playlist 2013 | School Dance Playlist | Prom Music | Sweet 16
Wedding Music Playlists
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New Music Playlist 2013 School Dance Playlist Prom Music Sweet 16 Birthday Party Songs
new music playlists
song lists 2013
top current song hits 2013
Professional DJ Services posts monthly School Dance Playlists to help DJs and
Teachers find new Music to Play at their Jr High School, Middle School and High
School Dances. Also Music for Back to School Dances, Homecoming, Sadie's,
Snow Daze and special events. Prom music is a list of top songs from that year. It
also includes Slow songs and other types of music for your Prom Night. Prom Night
is a great time to play hit after hit from the past 4 years. All of these Song lists are
also great for Sweet 16 Birthday Parties or Mitzvahs.
Wedding Music is a bunch of song lists that include Father Daughter Dances,
Mother and Son Songs, Bride and Groom First Dance Songs and New wedding
music playlist from 2013 or earlier. Dinner Music and other song ideas are included
in the playlists.
Always ask the Bride, Student Advisor or event coordinator how much tolerance
there will be for objectionable language. Many schools will allow a small amount of
inappropriate language, others will allow for none.
Search out songs that have (Radio Edit), (Radio Mix), or (Clean Versions) in the
song title this will tell you that the inappropriate content has been censored or
removed. The job of the DJ is not only to play music and keep people dancing. Part
of the job of the DJ is to take the crowd on a journey with the music. This means
taking the crowd higher and lower at special intervals so that the crowd gets lost in
the music and comes under your control so they will just keep dancing.
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